Your Home and Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

The elegance, wit and acute analytic powers of Sherlock Holmes have amused and awed people since the moment Sir Arthur Conran Doyle created his character.

While Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law’s Holmes and Dr. Watson influenced fashion two years ago in Guy Ritchie’s transformation of “Holmes the Hero” into “Holmes the Mega-Franchise,” the question is whether or not the great detective has also influenced interior design. The answer is, “evidently my dear Watson.” Strange as it may seem, the idle and luxurious decor of Sherlock Holmes’s 19th Century London study has inspired contemporary designers to merge antique with modern, and whimsy with clean style.

Take, for example, the “Holmes Bookshelf,” a clever trompe d’oeil that will house your books while adding subtle dimension to your living room or home office. Created the Singapore design firm Munkii, the Holmes Bookshelf is a prototype of things to come.

Sherlock Holmes Bookshelf

Playing upon whimsy and a tiny bit of fear, a new aquarium series by Mathieu Lehanneur merges the 19th Century’s fascination with creepy crawly things and an acutely contemporary housing system for fish, snakes and frogs. These freshwater aquariums also nourish the small plants on their roofs, thus implementing an ecological benefit to all that use of water.

Mathieu Lehanneur AquariumMathieu Lehanneur Aquarium

Mathieu Lehanneur Aquarium

“Pure genius. The latest extraordinary furnishing accessory designed by Denis Santachiara is worthy of the intuition of Sherlock Holmes, who actually has a lot in common with this object. Just as Sir Conan Doyle’s detective is always portrayed wearing a charming little cloak, so too are the garments hanging on the coat hook, presented by Pallucco, protected by a rigid cloak. In fact Tabard “wears” an elegant, semitransparent, rigid shell whose shape is reminiscent of one of the most representative garments of the late eighteenth century: the tabard, a long seamless overcoat which you wrapped around your body. Here it is a revolutionary coat hook that turns 120° and the roles have been inverted. While traditional coat hooks are covered by clothes, Tabard on the other hand covers the clothes, protecting them from dust, giving this object an original unusual look.”

Sherlock Holmes Coat Rack

Finally, you might take Holmes for what he is: a detective bent upon seeing what most people cannot see, and envisioning the possible reasons behind mysterious crimes. For this, you will need a magnifying glass, and the style has returned and is available (as always) at Anthropologie.

Sherlock Holmes Magnifying Glass

A couple of glass domes for the coffee table and mantle, along with an eerie portrait or two, and your house is ready for a round of charades or a mystery-theme cocktail party. Let Sherlock Holmes inspire you before Guy Ritchie releases his sequel.