Wood Flooring

Wood Flooring Options To Suit Any Design Style

Wood flooring has a unique ability to fit most design styles. Wood been a natural material is able to contribute to a sense of inviting warmth, which is the reason why you will often see wood used in reception areas. Here is a handy guide which will explain about recent trends in wood flooring, enjoy!

What are wood flooring made from?

The wood flooring you see on a day to day basis is not necessarily made from wood alone. In fact, there are two types of wood flooring commonly available and there is quite a difference between each type. The first type is called solid wood flooring which is made from one piece of timber, while the second is called engineered wood flooring and is made from timber as well as MDF and Plywood.

Why two types?

Wood has a unique natural property which makes it shrink in cold conditions and of course expand in hot conditions. Under some scenarios, solid wood flooring due to its 100% real wood structure might shrink or expand, thereby causing temporary gaps in the floor. Engineered wood flooring because of its combination of materials is immune to this. On the other hand, some regard solid wood flooring as slightly stronger, so your choice of flooring type should be based on your particular circumstances. 

Solid wood flooring:    


Engineered wood flooring:

Which woods are used for flooring?

There are many wood spices which are used for furniture, decking and building, but only a few are suitable for flooring. For wood spices to become suitable, the wood has to be durable, strong, plentiful and affordable. The wood should also come from sustainable forests where trees are always replaced and sources ethically. The most common wood spices and those which tick all the right boxes are Oak and Walnut. 


Walnut wood flooring:


Oak wood flooring:


What protects the wood?

Wood flooring with the right care will last for 25 years, not too bad from a natural material if you ask me. To help the wood achieve this lifespan, it is coated in a protected coat of oil, wax and other such solutions. Interior designers also use coating to colour match the floor to their interior design theme, so coating serves two goals.

Red Oak Coating:


Chocolate Oak Coating:


Sand Oak Coating:


Sunny Oak Coating:


Light Oak Coating:


Enjoy your wood floor!                       

Guide to flooring written by the team at wood flooring vendor wood and beyond. A London based online shop offering solid flooring as well as engineered flooring.


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