WineStation by Napa Technology

The WineStation is the Perfect Pairing to your Wine Collection


As a discerning wine drinker, you know that wine should taste just as the wine maker intended, ensuring the same high quality experience in every sip. With the WineStation’s sophisticated temperature-control and preservation technology, you can rest assured that your fine wines are being kept in pristine condition allowing you to enjoy the freshest glass of wine each and every time.

Wine is meant to be savored in your glass, not wasted down a drain. When you purchase a bottle of wine, your intention is to enjoy every last drop. But, as every wine lover can attest, there are times when unfinished wine must be poured out. The WineStation dispensing system eliminates that waste and keeps your wine safe from oxidation. When wine is poured from the WineStation there is only one place it ends up: in your glass, where it belongs.

Combining elegant style and ease of use, the WineStation lets you choose the right wine and size…taste, half or full glass that’s just right for you and your guests. With three customizable pouring volumes, you are able to enjoy a unique wine tasting experience in the comfort of your own home.

As you know, choosing just the right bottle from your wine cellar to uncork for the evening can be daunting, often leaving you to settle for a less special vintage. With the WineStation, you’re finally granted the freedom to explore your personal wine collection making it simple to try different types of wine at the same time. The result is that you will be able to savor and enjoy better quality wines more often.