What Is A Roof Window?

Have you heard of roof windows?  No, not skylights…roof windows.  Both types of windows allow more natural light into a room, but that’s where the similarities stop.

Skylights are normally installed in high ceilinged areas, far out of reach, and are usually stationary; they don’t open. They are often placed on flat roofs while roof windows need to be situated on a slope. Roof windows look like skylights but are usually installed at an “in-reach” height, allowing easy access. Windows in the roof often open and close to allow fresh air as well as light into the room and many are designed to function as emergency exits in case of fire or other threat.

Roof windows are stylish and easy to clean. The sash of a modern roof window turns so the exterior of the window can be cleaned from inside. Double-glazed windows for the roof keep drafts out and conserve utilities. They’re the perfect addition to converted attic spaces or other areas where extra light or an emergency exit is needed. Roof windows may not be an option you’ve considered before but they’re worth checking out. What a great way to take advantage of the view!