Wall Words - Decorating with Wall Letters


In an era of cookie-cutter home layouts, and “new home beige” paint colors, how do you differentiate yourself from everyone else on the block? How do you “mark your territory” so to speak? Although various options abound, one contemporary concept that has just recently taken a leap off designer showcases and into regular homes everywhere is the idea of wall lettering.

Forget the shaky stencil of yesterday, and imagine instead a nearly fool-proof sticker system that will serve as your personal message board. The great thing about this option is the versatility it provides and the ability to make it as tailored as you wish. With various quotations and catchy phrases littering the World Wide Web, you can custom create one that hits home for you.

If, however, creativity is not your strong suit, websites specializing in this trend usually have a slew of options on hand. I have listed some links to great resources on wall lettering décor below. You can also see some real life examples of various wall lettering techniques at Style Estate. If you are an expert on the this new home décor trend then stop by the Style Estate Guides page and submit a wall letter guide.

Wall lettering caters to all spaces, including the kitchen, a child’s room, a fireplace hearth, and even the bathroom. So, if you’re still a little skeptical about this idea, I encourage you to try one on for size. You can choose everything from the font to the color of the letters and the size. Then, when it arrives, just line it up, stick it on, and peel off the top coat. And should you later decide to redesign the room, they scrape right off. Wall lettering done right can create a big impact with little cost or work.

However, if you’re ready for a wow factor, and are spilling over with favorite sayings, I suggest you go with a words wall. In my instance, I painted one wall of my guest room 3 shades darker than the rest, and chose a contrasting white color for my words wall, with different fonts for each phrase. I staggered them out, hung a few pieces of wall art in the blank spaces, and now I have a cozy alternative for guests to admire during their visit.

Wall lettering can really help bring out a room’s theme. You can combine blues and pinks for cute baby nursery wall letters. Use different fonts and sizes to set the mood in a particular space. Leave a romantic wall letter message for your lover as an anniversary surprise. Use a more calligraphic font for beautiful wall letter scriptures. You can literally let your imagination run wild here.