Ultra Contemporary Bathroom Designs by Kohler

These images articulate the latest trends in bathroom design.

Throughout these rooms, you’ll see how KOHLER faucets and fixtures were incorporated to complement each design concept, creating an unforgettable space. Use this photo gallery as a source for brilliant decorating and design ideas in your own bathroom.

Barococo Futurism

Traditional frilly architecture and moldings meet uber-minimalism in this quirky and eclectic bathroom. 

Extra Texture Bath

Day Spa Bath

Cool Water Bathroom

Green Modern Bath

Green Modern Bathroom

Caldera Bathroom

Caldera BathroomDrawing upon intoxicating vistas from a cliffside community in Greece, this tranquil space creates its own awe-inspiring experience. 


Glamorous accents and bold color create a glistening powder room that conveys a sense of drama and urbane sophistication. 

Daily Splash

Daily Splash BathroomA vibrant and playful children’s spa bathroom, this imaginative use of materials creates a multilevel retreat designed with a child’s interest at heart.

City Spa Bathroom

City Spa BathroomThe guiding principles of Feng Shui bring balance, harmony and serenity to “City Spa.”

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