Ultimate Guide to Upcycling with Pallets


Pallets are a great way to turn a mundane and boring looking object into a useful and very trendy furnishings that can be used in many styles of homes.

From a simple shelf to a complete house, wooden pallets are a fabulous material to upcycle with and what’s more they’re often free if you hunt around your local area or take a look on sites such as Freecycle. 

Ultimate Guide to Upcycling with Pallets

Our infographic gives you an insight into the the different types of pallets available – yes there’s more than one type of wooden pallet! You also need to be a little choosy and try and use the ones that are free from chemicals, and of course bugs such as termites. With a little imagination, time and effort there’s not much you can’t turn a pallet into.

With some innovative ideas to get your creative thoughts in over-drive, once you start looking at wooden pallets in a positive light you’ll be amazed at their possible uses; you’ll find that they can be used in the home as well as the garden to great effect. Perfect for amateurs and DIY beginners, the humble pallet is making a huge impact on the world of interior design as well as those who support upcycling with enthusiasm.