Turning a boring room into a stylish loft- Manhattan style

Gone are the days when the loft was just a room to store old junk that one didn’t want to discard.
With house prices going up, more and more people are converting their lofts into a room to add value to their house. Being the top-most room in a building, lofts receive the first and last rays of the sun, and offer a panoramic view of the glittering city lights at night. This itself makes the loft an ideal room to host parties in. With a little imagination, you too can convert your loft into an elegant and beautiful room.
Installing big windows that let in a flood of light during the day will turn your dingy loft into a beautifully well-lit one. All that natural light can also help enhance art-work. So if you have a collection you are proud of, the converted loft walls can be the best place to display it and is sure to be a conversation starter at those Sunday lunch parties. For scorching sunny days, it is important to have proper window blinds to limit the amount of sunlight. Blinds by renowned designer Karim Rashid can give that stylish touch to your loft. His ‘Nature Metallic’ blinds can be a perfect complement to a loft with a gray colour scheme while the vivid ‘Nature Pink’ can be used as a contrast.
For an elegant look the right light fittings must be used. Ceiling lights come in various styles, and can lend an air of understated elegance at dinner parties. However, you should keep practicality in mind before making a choice. Many lofts have low or slanted ceilings, in which case a long, suspended lamp is probably not the best idea. There are decorative floral, wand or chrome ceiling fittings available to suit your needs. If however, your loft has a flat, high ceiling, you might opt for hanging lights or even chandeliers. One Manhattan couple chose the loft as an ideal place for their wedding, and exchanged vows under a glittering chandelier. Choose from crystal, glass or even faux leather lights to instantly change the loft from common to chic.
Colour scheme and furniture are the last steps to the classy, urban look seen in magazines. Designer Vincente Wolf redecorated an old loft in Manhattan and turned it into an up-market rooftop residence. The general colour scheme of white and cream heightens the sense of open space introduced by the wide windows, while the occasional yellow chair or vase of flowers keep it from being monotonous. You can follow Wolf’s lead for a minimalistic feel or opt for the two-colour contrast for a more playful look. So do not be afraid to experiment with lines and shapes to turn your boring loft into a stunning room for parties and receptions.