Tron Armchair by Cappelini & Walt Disney

Conceived from the futuristic world of the Disney film “TRON: Legacy”, the Tron Armchair is a product profoundly inspired by material with features that are reminiscent of the rugged and rocky landscape which surrounds the digital world of TRON.

Initially made as a series of four “one-off” fibreglass prototypes individually hand-finished by New York designer Dror Benshetrit for the event DesignMiami / ArtBasel, Walt Disney Signature and Cappellini are now presenting the Tron Armchair for mass production at the Milan design week 2011.

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Using the roto-molding technique, made of 100% recyclable material and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the armchair is available in different shades of colour. Giulio Cappellini plays on the contrasts suggested by the film; the contrast between the real world and the world of TRON:Legacy. Natural elements embody this contraposition, so the dark grey of the “stone”, and the white of the “air” represent the landscape of Tron and the safe house, while the light blue of “water” and the green of the “grass” represent the real world.  Visit Cappellini for More