Tips for the Most Cost Effective Home Decorating Renovations

Whether you are looking to sell your home or just increase the value, there are fast and (mostly) cheap ways to fix up the area. Here are a few of the most savvy ideas that can be done right now.


  • Repaint or refinish existing areas. Refinishing floors or woodwork and be an expensive and arduous task, but sometimes all that is needed is a new varnish or polish to bring them right back to life.

 Painted wood floors.


  • Use of modest materials in a high end way. A basic two panel door gets a luxurious new life with high gloss paint. Concrete floors are less expensive than wood, and can be dyed interesting colors for a unique, modern look. Can afford tile? Use a sheet of zinc for a high impact backsplash.

Painted concrete floors.Kitchen backsplash ideas


  • Switch out door knobs, light fixtures, and other dated hardware. Get rid of the shiny brass, or the tarnished finishes. These little details make a tremendous difference in renewing a house’s appearance, and can be done with the simple turn of a screw.

Designer door knobs.


  • First impressions start at the front door. Look at how your house appears when you approach it. Colorful painted front doors flanked by attractive planters creates an invitation for visitors to see what more is inside.


  • Bathrooms and kitchens can be easily upgraded without a major overhaul. Avoid moving plumbing and electrical, and replace old cabinets with freestanding units. Stick with the standard sizes instead of custom to avoid sticker shock. Sinks and faucets can be easily swapped out for up to date styles for a quick fix.


  • If you are thinking about selling, then keep the walls and flooring a basic style in a somewhat neutral palette. It allows prospective buyers to visualize what they might do a little easier, and keeps the pesky realtors’ happy.


  • Spend money on the best appliances you can afford. Viking ranges and Sub-Zero fridges really do enhance a home’s value and selling power. Stick to stainless or black. Bisque or white are not an option – they look too cheap. You will get your money back out of these.


  • Curb appeal is key. Plants can hide a multitude of sins next to a home. Plant shrubs and flowers to liven up the view inside and out, and spread mulch with a heavy hand. Sitting areas are nice if you have the space, especially if a fire pit can be added. Keep the colors fairly neutral in shades of green and white for a high end impact.