Timeline Kitchen Collection By Aster Cucine

This epoch kitchen collection represents a work of art for the next generation in modern family living.

Timeline, collection marks the first collaboration between an Italian kitchen manufacturer and an American design firm. Together, Aster Cucine and workshop/apd set out to marry European high design with American sensibility.  The result is both timelessly elegant and functionally modern.  As intended, a Timeline kitchen is as comfortable in a villa in Tuscany as in a high rise condominium in Manhattan.  

Stunning and timeless materials crafted with care and precision are at the core of what Aster Cucine has done for generations.  Modern, clean designs for gracious living in the contemporary world are the specialty of workshop/apd. This new line of kitchens represents a fusion of the best of old world craftsmanship and new world functionality.

 The founders of workshop/apd, Andrew Kotchen and Mathew Berman, began their careers in two widely divergent American settings - in the laid back but upscale seaside resort town of Nantucket, Massachusetts and simultaneously in the fast-paced urban world of New York City.  Working on Nantucket required them to develop an appreciation for the classic shingle-style vernacular of an island drenched in history. Working on in Manhattan allowed them to experiment with cutting-edge modernism on an island pulsing with energy. Together, these experiences taught them to value tradition and the rich patinas of time but to be brave enough to challenge those ideas constantly and seek to update them.

 Handsome, quality made furniture has adorned our living rooms and dining rooms for centuries. The best pieces were respected because of their creative use of material, construction, originality of design, and quality of cabinet work.  Kitchen living is now central to all home design and Timeline brings the same commitment and unparalleled design to the furniture and finishes found there.

Timeline kitchens take their cue from craftsmen and artisans throughout history who spent time carefully selecting the best materials and working them with precision and skill. It reflects the quality of the handmade and the feel of the hand-worked yet is clean-lined and efficient. It is influenced by the materials of the past, modernized for contemporary life. Sixteenth-century Venetian ceruse applied to warm oak, the worn softened patina of oxidized metal, the subtle sepia tones of antique mirror glass, the wire mesh inspired by French country cabinets, the monochrome tradition of en grisaille applied to furniture - these are the working palette of materials for Timeline kitchens.  The familiar materials have been crafted into clean and modern cabinetry, producing a room that is at once warmly familiar and profoundly fresh.