Three Sheets 2 The Wind

A New Meaning to Being “Three Sheets”…

You’ve got to love a company with a great name, and Three Sheets 2 the Wind is one of them.  Tagging themselves as “homemade textiles for the modern home”, their patterns are a lovely indulgence for modern motifs.  Founded in 2004 and located in Kentucky, Three Sheets takes influence from the skeletal structure of plant life and created handmade, artisan skilled textiles.  Their look takes on a Japanese aesthetic, with a simple yet elegant appeal. Wall art, luxurious bed linens, as well as fabric by the yard are just some of the fabulous offerings of Three Sheets.

  Printed on Irish Linen, the fabric has a softer weave, is hypoallergenic and antibacterial.  It is also one of the most eco-friendly fabrics as it takes five times less pesticides and fertilizers as cotton.  Most items are washable.


Three Sheets designs take on an organic feel that is uniquely beautiful and serene.  The simple lines of their florals have a humble yet friendly quality, and are perfect for modern interiors.  The color palate offers the now colors of orange, greens, and blues .  While the line is not extensive, we love it for its “speaking softly while carrying a big stick” impact.   


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