The Ultimate Self Portrait: DNA Art

DNA Portraits aka Fingerprint Art - Modern Art Painting

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Have you ever wondered how you would find a gift for that person that has everything, yet you want it to be personal? If you have an art lover on your list, then look to the newest venture of DNA Art and Fingerprint Art. Simply put, this is an actual creation of a person’s own DNA sequence or fingerprint based upon samples he or she provides.

DNA Portraits and Fingerprint Art | Pioneering a New Self Portrait

Two major websites are promoting the technology to your own DNA portrait or fingerprint art; DNA11 and DNA-Art. Both will provide a kit with instructions for swabbing the inside of your cheek for cells. Each person has a different sequence of DNA and will provide fragments at varying and unique lengths. These fragments are placed on a gel, and an electrical current is applied that forces the fragments to migrate to different parts of the gel. The result is then photographed, digitally enhanced, and colorized to be printed on high quality canvas.  The result is a very unique self portrait such as the figerprint art piece shown above or the DNA Portrait below.

DNA Portrait

DNA ART Puts a Unique Twist on Self Expressionism

The DNA or fingerprint artwork created is uniquely beautiful and intriguing at the same time, and obviously 100% original. The strands generate an unusual flow that combines elements appealing to both an artist’s eye and a computer geek’s mind. The DNA sequencing is fascinating in that it almost does not look real, but rather like a kinetic computer punch card.

fingerprint artBoth sites state that the processes are completely secure, and guarantee the results. Each site varies in what it offers for the final art print, with a price range making it accessible to almost anyone. Fingerprint art and DNA Portraits offer possibilites to create a personal and unique interior space using a modern art painting. The idea is gaining in popularity with its recent exposure on BBC and HGTV shows. Check out this new trend in contemporary paintings to create the ultimate in personal expression.

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