The Tea Trolly By Alvar Aalto

Designed in 1936, the charming Tea Trolley features Alvar Aalto’s innovative side frames made of molded laminated birch and a tile top that is available in black or white.

This is a simplification of the slightly earlier and more elaborate cart with a woven basket.  Aalto designed this cart for residential use.

Alvar Aalto was born in Finland in 1898. By the end of his career, Aalto had become one of Finland’s most famous architects and designers. Many have referred to him as the Father of Scandinavian Modernism. His professional career started in 1923 when he opened his own architectural studio. During Alvar Aalto’s long career he designed tea trolleys, furniture, glassware, painted and was a prolific architect. Much of his architectural work was for the public. These included such buildings as hospitals, theaters, libraries, museums, and pavilions. His designs have become so world famous.

Making use of the natural surroundings as a starting point for his designs became Alvar Aalto’s trademark. He applied it to master planning and to social building alike. It was finished in 1932, and with it Alvar Aalto demonstrated that a masterpiece of modern architecture could be created by adopting ideas rapidly and building far away from centers of population.