The New Mirrors: Made Goods offers Extreme Design

Made Goods Mirrors

Like little jewels for your room, a mirror can take a space and lighten, enlarge, or glamorize a space. While the mirror itself creates the function, the frame surrounding it makes the statement. Using unconventional shapes and materials adds sass and confidence to your room.

Joelle Mirror

Decorative round mirrors are perfect for entry ways or areas you are looking to create a strong statement in. Use an unusual frame to define the mood of your home – are you whimsical? Elegant? Maybe both?

Heavily carved frames add weight and definition, and are more apt to be used because of the frame. Made Goods’ Blake Mirror in penshell or brown lip shell has exquisite natural colors. The mirror comes in 32” or 38” diameters with a wavy pattern that commands attention.

Made Goods caught my attention by its attention to small details and turnings them into show-stopping pieces. Their Coco Mirror resembles an undulating coral reef, and reflects the time it must take to mold and create each piece. It can be accented with a silver leaf edging for a sophisticated feel, or leave it off for beach house chic.

Coco Mirror

Falling into the categories of Modern Glamour, Romantic Statements, and Global Exploration, the mirrors from Made Goods represent something for everyone. The overscaled dramatic “sun” created by the 50” diameter Mirabelle has “wow” factor all over it. By contrast, the simplicity of their Joelle rectangular mirror greets you with a lovely smile for its touch of whimsy.

Mirabelle Mirror by Made Goods

This fantastic mirror source is one to watch out for with its cutting edge designs. Explore the website and let your imagination flow with their impressive designs and materials.