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Take the “Cafe To Go”


Consider this. You have a perfect cappuccino that warms in an impeccably stylish Illy cup, and you are sitting alongside a thinly delicate cafe table and balancing upon a rustic chair of iron and polished bronze. Perhaps you are in Florence, Madrid, Paris or Berlin? No, for you have taken the cafe home with you.


With a single cafe table, a couple of chairs, and a small variety of beautiful coffee mugs and espresso mugs, people now transform their available space into a social and conversational gathering place. To adopt a cafe style for your home, all you need to do is adapt the best aspects of a cafe and make it work for you. To begin, you must choose a table and chairs. These do not have to match! Instead, gather one from a flea market, another from a high-end furniture line such as those available through Neiman Marcus, and a third from the marketplace fancy of Anthropologie.

Find your Illy cups though Illy’s online shop, but also choose what you love! Investigate some of the espresso and coffee cups that the West coast cult store Heath Ceramics produces. Even renowned tastemaker Jonathan Adler has introduced a line of beautiful mugs, thus transforming an everyday caffeine fix into a posh statement. 

While coffee is practically high fashion nowadays affordability is consistently possible. Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie’s older, yet somehow younger, sister carries tableware. 

Likewise, Crate and Barrel’s little cousin CB2 provides people with the whimsy they need for their coffee cup. 

The goal is to create your own haven by taking the public boisterousness of a cafe, and shrinking it to fit the private bustle of a home. Establish your own cafe and enjoy the quiet ceremony of a coffee in the morning, or the chatty sharing of coffee with a friend in the afternoon.

photo by Carrie Eddleman via The Vintage Wren

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