The California Collection of Modern Wallpaper by Kreme


Kreme Wallpaper - California Collection

We love the California Collection of Wallpapers by Kreme.

Kreme is a design-centric wallpaper company that values beauty, form and function in all things. They believe in craft and pride in ones work, and the ability to give back to the community and planet at every available opportunity. They strive to make all their products stand up to the discerning eye and heart of the customer, and to deliver what the people want: good design, earth conciousness and an opportunity to smile.  The vibrant California collection emminates California cool. Choose from several unique designs. The California collection has several unique patterns to choose from and is a fantastic accent piece for the home or apartment. The wallpaper is also eco-friendly, printed on low voc soft texture paper.

The California Collection of modern wallpaper was designed by Kreme and is available through All Modern.