The Best Blue Bedrooms

If you ask someone what their favorite color is, they’re likely to say blue. More people say blue is their favorite color than any other color.

The color blue appeals to many people because it’s a natural color associated with beautiful elements such as a summer blue sky, blue robins’ eggs, and sparkling blue waters.  Blue evokes a feeling of calmness, relaxation, and serenity.  Blue stimulates the body to release calming chemicals which induce sleepiness. That makes blue the perfect color to use when decorating bedrooms.

There are endless shades of blue to choose from; pale icy blue, lush sapphire, soothing aquamarine, deep rich indigo, and all the tones in between.  Blue is usually an excellent choice for either male or female boudoirs because blue hues appeal to both sexes equally.

Blue represents the Throat Chakra, which is sometimes known as Visuddha.  This chakra is associated with speech and hearing and is said to promote spiritual communication. Indigo is an exception as it represents its own chakra, that of the Third Eye or the Brow.  Opening this chakra aids intuition and integrity and lightens feelings of despair, allowing clearer insight.

Do you want your bedroom to be a place of sanctuary where you can rest, meditate, and sleep surrounded by an aura of serenity?  Would you like to wake up to a room that feels cozy, fresh, and cheerful? Maybe you want a bedroom that looks regal and glamorous.  Whatever mood you want to create, you can do it with blue.  Need some ideas?  Take a look at these beautiful pictures of stylish blue bedrooms and you’ll soon be turning blue, too!