The benefits of modern kitchens


Kitchens are constantly evolving with the times as we have changed the way we use them and live in them.  

Kitchen design has become more sociable with thought given to the kitchen being used for activities beyond just food preparation.

In many modern homes the kitchen is the hub of family life and space is allocated for casual dining, relaxing and family rooms. Modern kitchens are busy places and open plan living has had a big effect on kitchen furniture and design.  This is one of the benefits of modern kitchens as many brands now include furniture designed to suit family areas and this creates a flow between the areas and provides matching facilities and storage. 

Modern kitchen design includes units with sweeping curves that allow completely new ideas to be incorporated into kitchens.  Whether you are planning curved island layouts or internal corner curves it can create a feeling of spaciousness and a flowing effect not possible with linear units.


There are many new features in modern kitchens to allow kitchen designers to create better working areas and more efficient storage. Big drawers are a superior way of creating accessible storage and with the quality of modern kitchen fitments these can now be up to 1800mm wide and in shallow or deep sizes. Internal storage fitments are now available to fill every type of unit so the back of corner units or larders are no longer full of forgotten purchases.


A cooker hood is not every ones idea of a feature so in modern kitchens this can be fully concealed and vanish from sight while providing a storage facility at the hob.  This design slots neatly into a run of wall units and blends in beautifully.


Wall mounted accessories keep regular use items off the worktops and in easy reach when you need them most.  This rack is fully adjustable and can include other useful racks such as cutlery rails.


Shelves and recess areas are not only attractive design features they are also a useful addition to the kitchens functionality. This colourful component adds a touch of colour while providing more than just a decorative feature to this modern kitchen design.


Kitchen islands are a regular feature in the more spacious rooms being created for modern kitchens. They can be used for preparation, cooking and socialising and in many shapes and sizes. The modern handlleless kitchen style lends itself well to islands, giving a sleek and minimalist look without the clutter of handles which actually look odd when seen in direct comparison.

Islands do need to be designed keeping walk around space in mind or they will dominate the room. If you have the space to add an eating area then there are a number of ways to do this whether you need a seating area for dining or just a social area. An extended worksurface gives the space you need for family dining in a very convenient kitchen design.