Tel-Aviv based Aqua Creations - Furniture and Lighting Designs by Awe-Inspiring Artist, Ayala Serfaty

Beneath the Sea - Ocean Inspired Lighting Designs

Aqua Designs - Ayala Serfaty


It never ceases to amaze me how the creative mind works – what inspires someone, how they view the world.  The Tel-Aviv company Aqua Creations is one such company that takes lighting and furniture design to a whole other level by finding grace and beauty from under the sea.  Established in 1994, Aqua Creations has offices and showrooms all over the world, and features the work of Artist Designer Ayala Serfaty




Many of the pieces look like they could undulate at any given moment, taking their cue from the movement of water or wind around them.  You can instantly visualize the pulses a jellyfish takes to swim gently in the ocean.  The lighting creations show influence from anemones as well as the other jelly like creatures found in the deep.  Other forms are inspired by nature’s flora, or even the skin of an onion. 


The Baby Coral wall lamp looks as if it were growing in an underwater garden, straight from the wall.  The soft folds of the silk fabric give the impression of an undisturbed sea life, while providing soft light to accent a wall.


The Morning Glory Floor Lamp takes its cues from a blossom, its shape very sensual and feminine.  Available in numerous colors of silk, the form appears to be lit from deep within, illuminating an intimate space. 


The Sunsa Chandelier is made up of 21 shades, and reminds me of Japanese umbrellas or a field of blossoms.  The four layers of shades are either 24” or 30” in diameter, creating a large scale sea of light.  I think you would have a feeling of transcendence sitting below it.