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Clean lines, reflective raw aluminum, efficient use of material, and an interlocking assembly were ideas graypants had in mind as they began designing the step light.

The natural process of prototyping different models led to interesting plays on light and shadow. The sixteen interlocking aluminum rings and the joinery in assembly become the beauty of this fixture. Reveals left between each layer cast concentric shadows on the surrounding walls and ceiling. The random pixels of light on the surface are a result of the assembly but also create a unique pattern for each fixture.

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Cocktail Umbrella Pendant Light

Check out the Cocktail Umbrella Pendant Light by Zipper8Lighting

This fun summer light is created from Cocktail Umbrellas and a paper lantern, and is a fun and festive way to brighten up any backyard barbecue or summer party! The overall light is approximately 16 inches (40.64 cm) and features brightly colored umbrellas in pink, orange, yellow, green and blue. The maximum light bulb recommended for this size paper lantern is a 60 watt bulb.

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Knottsbury Glass Globe Pendant Light

Williams-Sonoma, gorgeous Knottsbury glass globe pendant light

The clear, blown-glass pendant radiates brilliance in every direction. Hang above a table or foyer for subtle drama, or along a hallway or above a counter for an elegant effect.

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Shoichi Uchiyama - Stylish Japanese Pendant Light Designs

Uchiyama’s lighting fixtures, which are created through an accurate calculation of light, are the proof of his design philosophy.

Shoichi Uchiyama was born and bred in Tokyo. Since the foundation of Shoichi Uchiyama Design Office in 1977, he has been committed to creation of lighting fixtures with glare-free indirect light that make objects beautiful, and allow people to feel the texture and depth of objects. He seeks quality lighting through the design of lighting fixtures , and devotes himself to realize the beautiful effect of indirect light in space.

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Crown Pendant Lamp By Formfjord

The pendant lamps of the Crown series attract attention with their fascinating play of coloured light.

The sophisticated design of the metal lampshade creates narrow openings for the light and gives the lamp its remarkable airiness. A filter lets the inside of the lamp shade shine in colour – coated by light.

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Void Light Mini Copper by Tom Dixon

Void Light Mini is a pendant light referencing the Olympic medals.

Solid copper sheets are pressed, spun and brazed to form a double wall shade. The double walls reflect and soften the light emitted from a concealed halogen bulb. This mysterious lighting object is hand polished to create a mirrored surface which is then lacquered to maintain a high gloss finish. Void Mini is also available in polished Stainless Steel and Brass.

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