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Entries in modern bookshelf (3)


Slice by Danish Design Studio Kibisi

What would a shelving system look like if playful customization was its main Objective ?

This question urged the Danish design studio KiBiSi to design SLICE – an architectural redefinition of the continuous bookshelf. The main feature of the system is a slice of plywood. In assembly the slices fit together for individual display, which allows for optimum flexibility of the system and makes it adaptable from small to x-large. SLICE is a result of crossbreeding elements and attributes from different disciplines in to a new design product made for every day use. in a simple way SLICE reflects natural resource scarcity: No expensive mould, a simple playful idea, rework and the back-to-basics attitude of plywood. 

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Reedy - The Modern Modular Bookcase by Autobon

Check out the modern Reedy Bookcase by Autobon

Reedy is a modular bookcase that allows you to create your own reading environment recalling the tall, grass-like plants of nature.  Stack the modules up and sandwich all of your books and magazines in between. Reedy is a functional and modern way of bookkeeping.

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The Mondo Bookcase by Marcello Ziliani

The Mondo - Modern Bookcase by Marcello Ziliani

Characterized by its unusual forms and greatly sough-after, Mondo bookshel furnishes and customize both home and office space. The thin but durable structure, available in three versions: aluminium, wood and methacrylate, provides a sense of lightness and airiness.

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