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Ultra Modern Bathroom Concepts By Flora

The products included in the new Flora Style line demonstrate a refined and inspiring evolution of the bathroom setting into a true living space.

The materials, colors, and components ensure superior value, in terms of quality, selected based on an exclusive, intimate, appealing design that melds perfectly with today’s lifestyle.

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Paper Bathroom Collection by Teuco

Discover Paper, the collection designed by Giovanna Talocci, consisting of bathtubs and wash basins, which now also features another precious product: the shower tray which matches the rest of the collection perfectly.

Paper is made entirely of Duralight®, the material conceived and produced exclusively by Teuco designed to accommodate all your furnishing requirements owing to its superior pliability. Flexibility, resistance and durability make Paper the ideal collection also for hotels and public venues, settings where elegance should always be teamed with functionality.

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Room 02 Modular Bathroom By Sonia

Check out this amazing modular bathroom suite, Room 02 by Sonia.
We all want to be unique, original, inimitable, different … we want the elements to suit our needs and desires. We all need flexibility. Made to Order incorporates Room 02. Its concept is simple: stackable modular elements that resemble the structure of a building where each floor is designed to modify it to suit the user.  

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Ultra Contemporary Bathroom Designs by Kohler


These images articulate the latest trends in bathroom design.

Throughout these rooms, you’ll see how KOHLER faucets and fixtures were incorporated to complement each design concept, creating an unforgettable space. Use this photo gallery as a source for brilliant decorating and design ideas in your own bathroom.

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Laura Kirar Vir Stil Modern Bathroom Collection

Laura Kirar Vir Stil Modern Bathroom Collection

Laura Kirar Vir Stil and the Vir Stil Minimal Modern Bathroom Collections

The Laura Kirar Vir Stil and the Vir Stil Minimal collections at Kallista showcase the designer’s skills in beautifully modern bathroom products that include not only consoles and vanities, but faucets, sinks, mirrors and cabinets, lighting and accessories. With these, she’s reached another design milestone for herself.

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Bathroom Design Style: Black Floral Lumiere by Jaclo

Bathroom Interior Design With Jaclo’s Black Floral Lumiere

Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Sometimes a product comes along that makes you think “of course!” Jaclo has created one of those with its Black Floral Lumiere that features a shower rain canopy through a light fixture. This 12” diameter head allows for a soft, rain like effect with its 228 jets. The light is filtered internally with LED light, creating a luminous light within the shower. The fixture ceiling mounts for maximum headroom, dropping 12” from the ceiling.

Jaclo’s round Dream Light gives a more ethereal effect with its 16” diameter head featuring 352 jets. The LED lights come in white, red, amber, green, blue and warm white to create a showering experience. This fixture may be surface or flush mounted to suite your needs. An entire shower can be designed using side jets with the dream light for a customized spa-like atmosphere.

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