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Unique Furniture: NAiF by Carina Van Den Bergh

Seeing the magic in everyday objects and letting your imagination run wild is something we mostly do as children; as we grow older our imagination slowly disappears behind a layer of seriousness.

Carina van den Bergh has gone in search of the naive thinking she did when she was little. She has made a line of furniture for grownups based on the unaffected vocabulary of a child: Naif. Five pieces of oak furniture to play and discover with. They contain some of the recognisable elements of standard furniture, but they are anything but standard. A chair becomes a cabinet when you turn the seating over, a leg grows into a lamp. And when you slide them together, a completely new image emerges.

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Moon Sofa System By Zaha Hadid for B&B Italia

Check out the “Moon Sofa System” Sofa designed by Zaha Hadid for B&B Italia

A continuous shape, a blend of aesthetics and ergonomics: Moon Sofa System expresses the perfect combination of B&B Italia’s tendency towards experimentation and the ongoing research into the complexity of curved geometry of world-famous architect Zaha Hadid.

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The Majestic Sasha Bed by Hstudio

The majestic Sasha Bed features a high back and elegant tufting for an added touch of romanticism.

The headboard features hand tufting designed to compliment our Swarovski crystal accents.  The Sasha Bed is available in a wide range of upholstery fabrics and your choice of acrylic, wood, or steel legs. Options include button tufting, decorative brass studs, and Swarovski crystal accents.

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Barcode Bookshelf by Eduardo Wignall

Check out this cool barcode bookshelf by Mexican designer, Eduardo Wignall

Barcode bookshelf emerges from the inspiration of a common product barcode. Although it has a reduced amount of space, it can maintain organized your favorite books and magazines. It also brings a creative look to any interior design.

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Folditure folding chairs by Alexander Gendel


Folditure folding chairs by Alexander Gendel

Folding furniture has captured the imagination for centuries. In fact, the earliest known folding chair dates to about 2,000 BC in ancient Egypt. It was a folding stool, with a central pivot axis. Surprisingly, most folding chair designs are still based on the same principal of a single axis.

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Funiture By Designer Seung Han Lee

This design is entitled ‘FUNiture’. The reason for this is due to the inter-active and tactile nature of the design, which requires physical involvement from the user.

Saving space was an important consideration when producing this piece of innovatively designed furniture and more specifically was designed with a single person household in mind. In one object the user has in fact obtained a bed, a table, a desk and a bookcase. So therefore not only will the user save space in their home, he or she will also benefit in economic terms.

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Unique Furniture By A2 Design

A2 is a Swedish furniture brand owned and established by the design studio A2 designers.

After working with different comissioned projects for a while we decided to launch our own furniture brand. After one year of preparations we finally launched the A2 furniture collection at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in February 2009.

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Guilty Pleasures Furniture Collection by KOKET

We will be unveiling the Guilty Pleasures Collection of furniture by KROKET in the days to come.  Here are the first five exquisite pieces in the collection.  Desire and temptation meet function and design.

KOKET is dedicated to bringing seduction and desire to the world of interior design. Inspired by nature, fashion, and the enticement of love, this collection of lavish furniture takes passion to new levels. This line is designed and manufactured in Portugal by a highly skilled group of artisans, jewelers, and designers.  KOKET brings empowering style and a sense of entitlement, exclusivity and prestige.

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