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Slice by Danish Design Studio Kibisi

What would a shelving system look like if playful customization was its main Objective ?

This question urged the Danish design studio KiBiSi to design SLICE – an architectural redefinition of the continuous bookshelf. The main feature of the system is a slice of plywood. In assembly the slices fit together for individual display, which allows for optimum flexibility of the system and makes it adaptable from small to x-large. SLICE is a result of crossbreeding elements and attributes from different disciplines in to a new design product made for every day use. in a simple way SLICE reflects natural resource scarcity: No expensive mould, a simple playful idea, rework and the back-to-basics attitude of plywood. 

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The Shelf Forest by Moscow Interior Designer Anna Smurygina

Lost in the Woods

The new generation of young designers have taken basic ideas and added their own twists, using beguiling environmentally-influenced images and shapes. Anna Smurygina of Moscow has created her take on the linear bookshelf with the Shelf Forest. This colorful, crazy group of trees combines the function of storage with the playfulness of a child’s mind. Interesting as one piece, but dramatic as a group, her shelves plead with you to have more fun with them than storing your classics. The quirky lines will show off an arty glass collection as nicely as your child’s stuffed animals. Anna’s fun take on an old classic is a great segway for her design career, and we look forward to seeing more in the future.

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