Style Estate - Social Interior Design

Without Further Ado - I present Style Estate, a social interior design website that seeks to become a centralized source of information for interior design and home decorating.

Style Estate enables you to

  • Upload pictures of your own interior design projects or pictures from around the web that you find inspiring
  • Connect with friends and other Style Estate members to collaborate on ideas such a new design project or just simply make one of your interior spaces look better.
  • Use our custom toolbar to take web clippings of products from any online store and attach them to your pictures.  By attaching products to your pictures yIou can either show of your current look or generate ideas for a similar look.
  • Recommend products to your friend’s spaces or vice versa.  This feature allows for a friend to look at your space and then clip products from around the web and send them directly to you as a “recommended product”.
  • Create or Join a group.  Like most other social networks, Style Estate has groups where like-minded individuals can can collaborate and inspire. 
  • Create a guide.  We have a special page that lets you write a “how to” guide on any topic you choose.  Use links, clippings from information you have found, upload pictures and videos, etc…
  • Create a Wish List.  Maybe you are brainstorming for you new home office.  Style Estate lets you keep a wish list of products that you find anywhere on the web.
  • And Much Much More.

Style Estate is and always will be a Free Service for All.


In the example below, I have added some photos of my new apartment.  Since I will be decorating this apartment from scratch, I have chosen to enlist the help of my 4 awesome sisters who happen to live on the other side of the country.  Now that they have an idea of what my apartment looks like, the can start reccomending me products right away.  This feature is what I like to call “Remote Interior Design” - My sisters will virtually design my entire apartment by using Style Estate without ever having stepped inside.

There are sure to be many other uses for Style Estate beyond the scope of my imagination.  The core engine is complete and I need your help to get some of the smaller details polished.  I will be putting up a forum in the next day or two so that we can discuss usability issues, bugs, feature enhancements, etc…  I am very excited about launching Style Estate and I will be there interacting with the community and striving to make it the best darn design site around.

Please start uploading photos of your personal designs or interior design pictures that you have found.  There are still several categories without an entry such as swimming pools.  Lets see if we can get atleast one great design set up in each category.


More news coming soon.  Stay Tuned :)