Style Estate Featured in The Hartford Courant

The Style Estate Social Network and the Style Estate Blog were recently mentioned in The Hartford Courant by Writer, Deborah Hornblow.  I would really like to thank Deb for writing a fantastic editorial and keeping us informed from the start of the interview until the published result.  I would also like to thank our lead writer here at Style Estate, Jan Finlayson, for delivering an outstanding interview.  Jan is not only a talented writer, but a rising star in the world of Interior Design.  Jan continues to inspire me with her great ideas and a natural talent for spotting trends.  Our collaboration has been rewarding, albiet tiresome at times, in our effort to make an awesome design blog and more importantly the launch of Style Estate - Social Interior Design

Below is an except from the editorial which can be found in The Courant’s Home and Garden category or by doing a search for Deborah Hornblow.

Rustic Chic: It’s Cozy And Comforting

Say goodbye to this mod, mod world. Or at least toss a quilt on that Mies daybed.

The minimal, modernist furnishings that have enjoyed immense popularity for the past few years are ceding space in some stores and homes to cozier, homier pieces — the type that look hand-hewn or like something passed down from Grandma.

Rustic chic. Vintage decor. Homestead style. Call it what you will.

“While the modern, minimalist décor isn’t fading away entirely, the rustic look has definitely become more prevalent,” says Jan Finlayson, residential interior designer, trend watcher and lead writer for Style Estate Blog ( “The sleek modern style came on strong … several years ago. … As beautiful as these pieces are, they do not [wear] well in homes that really use their furniture — the smooth finishes showed every little scratch and [they] have a cold, stark feel in many cases.”  …more

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