Stone Forest Design

Stone Forest DesignStone Forest Modern Bathroom Design

Founded in 1989 Stone Forest Design weds the vast and disciplined tradition of Japanese style to contemporary design.

The result is what one might call weighted minimalism. Minimalism in the sense of the rigorous simplicity created by the silhouettes of Stone Forest’s pedestal sinks and vast bathtubs. Weighted because of the density of the materials Stone Forest puts to use: iron, granite, marble copper and wood.

Stone Forest DesignStone Forest DesignThe impact of Stone Forest’s work is clear. The design firm aims not precisely to defy gravity but rather to harness gravity’s force and make it work differently. The end result is a perfect collaboration between a heavy object and the space it inhabits: pedestal sinks balancing perfectly when paired with stainless steel fixtures, and bathtubs demanding vast emptiness in the space surrounding them.

Stone Forest DesignStone Forest Contemporary Bathroom Designs

The outdoor and garden design aspect of Stone Forest includes a Millstone Fountain in rose granite that was featured in The New American Garden: Innovations in Residential Landscape Architecture, 60 Case Studies, a book edited by James Grayson Trulove and published by Whitney Library of Design. As recently as 2007 Stone Forest released the Moso Bamboo vessel sink that won Interior Design’s Best of Year Award.

Stone Forest DesignMoso Bamboo vessel Sink - Modern Sink Designs

Stone Forest has branched out to include a collection of outdoor living vessels and furniture, including low, granite benches, the suspended fire vessel and a series of slate planters as well as a series of birdbaths.  It is to our benefit that Stone Forest keep enhancing and expanding their line all the while remaining faithful to their original design ethos: quiet elegance with a focus upon timeless style and quality material.

Stone Forest DesignSuspended Fire Vessel - Stone Forest - Outdoor Fire Feature

Stone Forest Design

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Additional Photos of Stone Forest DesignsStone Forest DesignStone Forest Contemporary Sink DesignsStone Forest DesignHelios Fire Pit Modern Outdoor Fire Feature by Stone Forest Design

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