Spring 2009 Interior Decorating Trends

Home Interior Decorating Trends for Spring 2009

The recession may be in full swing, but some of the new decorating trends would make you believe otherwise.  Lavish color and patterns, sparkle and theatrical spunk inundate our senses and create a sense of luxury.

Decorating With Crystal

Crystal has now become a huge design statement, overcoming its old fashioned reputation.  It is showing up on everything as a glittery accent.  Ronald Redding’s Cinnabar wallpaper becomes an exciting addition to any room with optional crystal accent applications.  Every fabric company seems to be offering textiles encrusted in sequins, Swarovski crystals, metal beads and other types of bling.

Ronald Redding Papers

Tattoo Inspired Interiors

Ed Hardy, move over.  The tattoo-inspired generation is making its way to textiles with swirling art and graphics of skulls, hearts, and roses.  While not for everyone, the edgy, rock and roll aura will be a trend for the new generation of home owners.  Watch for tattoo graphics to adorn bedding, throw pillows and even chair fabrics.

tattoo bedding

Compliment Green Design With Organic Shapes and Patterns

Taking a cue from forms in nature, the new trend of organic shapes lends itself to complement green design.  The use of sustainable and recycled materials continues to be strong, and designers are looking for more unusual ways to incorporate it.  The Cumulus chandelier from Les Fournis Bleues drips with crystals attached to its recycled aluminum screening, creating a cloud on a rainy day. 

cumulus chandelier

Gothic Inspired Interiors

Gothic inspired architectural shapes are showing up on furnishings as well as fabrics. This tile-like shape known as the quatrefoil translates as a four-lobed shape.  Historically it was found in churches and cathedrals of the Gothic Revival and Renaissance periods, but is truly fresh in decorating right now.  Find it in fabrics, furniture, mirrors, and everywhere in between.


These are just a few of the hot new trends for spring – watch for bright shots of color alongside soft neutral palettes that will incorporate many of the new looks.  Fashion and interior design continue to close the gap between them, so look for many inspirations to come directly from your local boutiques.