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Modern Area Rugs - The Vivienne Westwood Rubbish Rug

Rubbish Rug

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Modern Contemporary Area Rugs by Designer Vivienne Westwood

I will only come to accept Vivienne Westwood as the fun, quirky, crazy designer she is known for. God love her for pulling the most vibrant, obnoxious designs out of her hat and making a statement.

The Rug Company is partnered with Westwood to expand on their handmade aubusson area rug design collection with her usual brand of unique. Love it or hate it, the Rubbish Rug from her latest collection of Handmade Aubusson Tapestry Rugs using techniques that originated in France centuries ago. At $4,995, this wool Aubusson Tapestry Rug
is only made to order from The Rug Company, and is plentiful enough for a wall hanging, yet strong for everyday wear on a floor.  I’m sure there is a story to go along with the trash that is shown as a still life, but Vivienne Westwood would probably prefer to have you create your own tale.


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Contemporary Rugs Design by Vivienne Westwood in Collaboration with The Rug Company


Love Heart Rug from the Vivienne Westwood Collection


Love Heart Rug

by Vivienne Westwood

This rug is entirely handmade, from the spinning of the wool to the weaving on the loom. It is unique, and has been crafted by weavers in the Kathmandu area, whose skills have been passed down through many generations. … Love Heart Rug

Modern Area Rugs, 2009 - 2010 Area Rug Trends


VW Flag Aubusson Wool Rug by Vivienne Westwood Designs


UK Flag

by Vivienne Westwood

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Magnolia Black Nepalese Rug by Vivienne Westwood Designs

Magnolia Black

by Vivienne Westwood

Modern Area Rugs, 2009 - 2010 Area Rug Trends

Magnolia Ice Wool Napalese Rug - Design by Vivienne Westwood


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