Sid Dickens Memory Blocks

Sid Dickens

Sid Dickens Memory Blocks

Collage of Memory Blocks, Contemporary Wall Art by Sid Dickens

Sid Dickens counts among his avid fans the likes of Sarah McLaughlin and Hillary Duff. They,as do many collectors of Memory Blocks around the world, wait anxiously for the Sid Dickens Studio to release its next collection. The fall 2010 collection, called “The Silk Road” has now been released. Just in case you aren’t familiar with the work of these Canadian artists, Memory Blocks are contemporary collectible hand-crafted wall art with a porcelain-like aged look.

Sid Dickens Collage of Memory Blocks

Sid Dickens Memory Tiles

Sid Dickens Studio

For the first time ever, the team at Sid Dickens Studio recently offered a glimpse inside their beautiful workplace. The team customized the space down to the smallest detail and as one would expect Memory Blocks take center stage.

Sid DickensSid Dickens Memory Blocks

Sid Dickens Pomponette Memory Block

Of the Memory Block called Pomponette, Sid Dickens says, “I remember being fascinated by an 1880s French porcelain vase at The Met in New York. I tried to recreate that feeling with this piece.”

Sid Dickens Memory Tile

Chantilly Memory Block Decorative Tile by Sid Dickens

The Chantilly Memory Block is said to be a play on the dichotomy of iron and lace.

Siddickens Memory Block Tile

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