Serpentine Lines - Interior Design Trends 2009

Interior Design Trends 2009: Lighting, Furniture, and Elite Fabrics Take On a Serpentine Pattern

One of the new interior design trends for spring 2009 is the resurgence of the serpentine shape. Considered one of the most eye pleasing and enduring lines of the 18th and 19th century, this winding pattern is enjoying a new life.  Serpentine lines and shapes are popping up all over the place in lighting desings, furniture designs, and several elite fabric designs.  Serpentine lines will be one of the biggest interior design trends for 2009 and I expect this trend to continue on into 2010.



Interior Design Trends 2009 | Serpentine Curves

Based on an S-curve shaped line, the serpentine curve dates back to Egyptian decoration. Eighteenth-Century writer William Hogarth’s Analysis of Beauty discusses the “line of beauty” or the s-curve. According to his analysis, this curve reflected “liveliness and activity, and excite the attention of the viewer, as opposed to straight lines or right-angled intersecting lines.” This spring, the serpentine curve is showing up in lighting design, fabrics, as well as furnishings.



Interior Design Trends 2009 | Double Twit Chandelier by Eric Cohler

Visual Comfort Lighting’s double twist chandelier from Eric Cohler has a definitive, graceful line that is perfect for both modern and traditional interiors. By the same token, Currey and Company’s Legend chandelier adds crossed lines for extra dimension.

double twist chandelier from Eric Cohler

Interior Design Trends 2009 - Platt Collection’s Serenade Chest


Platt Collection’s Serenade ChestCombining the popularity of mirrors and gilding with the serpentine figure is Platt Collection’s Serenade Chest. The gold leafing of the chest adds drama to an otherwise classic line. Perfect to add light and movement to a dark corner or an entry way.

Barbara Barry Serpentine Design | Lighting, Furniture, and Fabric

Los Angeles based designer Barbara Barry has taken the serpentine line and made it her signature in nearly all of her furniture, fabric, and lighting design. Forming a sense of tranquility, Barry believes the serpentine line adds a Zen-like quality and simplicity to her designs. The winding curve is found in her textiles for Kravet and HBF, as well as populating the Tufenkian rug line. Adding the serpentine lines has never been fresher than it is for 2009.