Romantic Candle Ideas For Valentine's Day


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Purple candles with ribbon. Romantic Candles Ideas for Your Valentine’s Day. [via]


Easy French Script Valentine Candles. [via]


Valentine Hurricane Vases! You can also do this with quart mason jars: fill mason jars with red hots or hearts (candy corn or peppermints, depending on holiday); place small glass votive candle holder (ones that are shaped like terra cotta pots) in mouth of jar & add tea light or small colored candle to match theme; wrap ribbon around the mouth of the jar. Adorable!  [via]


Beautiful and romantic candle ideas for Valentines Day. [via]


Glue any page from a book(bible, poetry etc.) to mason jars and stencil letters on them. Use as candle holders. 


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Express your affection by making your own gifts this Valentine’s Day. These creative gift ideas will show any loved one how much you care. [via]


Valentine candle. Wrap a red or pink candle with a garland made of hearts cut from translucent, wax or tissue paper glued to a string or dental floss. [via]


Romantic Valentine’s Day Table Decoration Ideas. [via]

If you’re cooking up something special for your Valentine this year, props to you! Keep in mind, no romantic dinner is complete without candle-lighting. Here are two lovely, last-minute options. [via]