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Custom Made Chandeliers by Rock and Royal

The chandelier has a long and rich history. The chandelier (meaning candleholder) was at first nothing more than a cross-shape, formed from two beams of wood with nails at each end to hold the candles. It was used to create more light than a single light source. Only the wealthy could afford to have chandeliers in their homes. 

Over the centuries the form and materials of the chandelier have changed. The most dramatic change was when glass crystal was discovered in the 17th century. By then the traditional shape of the chandelier was established. Nowadays its original function has been reduced to decoration. 

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But today the chandelier has undergone yet another shock, its decorative function being fully exploited by artist Hans van Bentem. Van Bentem mixes his talent and creativity with the finest Bohemian crystal. The results are magnificent chandeliers, beautiful fusions of an old tradition and new artistic vision. 

About Hans van Bentem

The chandeliers of Hans Bentem (1965) are nationally and internationally renowned. The special chandeliers light up Royal estate, celebrity houses like Madonna’s and several museums at home and abroad. The Escher museum in The Hague (NL) has acquired fifteen chandeliers by Van Bentem and are permanently on display and in 2011 the chandelier ‘Umbrella’ was shown at the World Expo Shanghai. Also Van Bentem creates monumental (light) objects in the public space. The size of the ‘chandeliers’ varies in height from 75 cm to 2 meters and are hand crafted in cooperation with Czech and Chinese craftsmen. Van Bentem plays on your desires in a humorous way, referring to the Dutch Golden Age, firearms, sex and dictatorial ideologies.

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