Red Hot Kitchens


Over 70 Red Kitchen Design Ideas

In the culinary world when you think of red you think of apples, strawberries, wine, and spices, foods that are tangy and zesty.  Big juicy tomatoes, sweet rosy watermelon, ruby red cranberries and hot chili peppers inspire cooks and add color and flavor to meals. Red stimulates energy and sparks the appetite.  In other words, red is a super color choice for kitchens.

There is nothing meek or mild about the color red. Red is the color of life.  It’s the color of blood, the devil, and Cupid’s hearts, so it can be naughty or nice.  It’s the color of passion, symbolizing the love you put into the food you make for family and friends.  If you want a kitchen that is cool and formal, red is probably not for you.  If, on the other hand, you like your kitchen to be vibrant and energetic, warm and inviting, retro or contemporary, red will be the perfect addition to your color scheme.

Red is the color of the Base or Root Chakra.  It’s Sanskrit name is Muladhara. The Root Chakra is associated with family beliefs and aligns our energy levels with our bodies, giving us a boost both mentally and physically.  Ideally, the red chakra improves health, security, prosperity, and dynamic presence and those are things we want the food we serve to advance as well.

Sometimes less is more in the case of an intense color like red, so if you don’t want red cabinets or walls, use red as a spicy accent color.  It goes well with most woods, stainless steel, white, black, and almost every other color.  Whether you’re decorating your kitchen in a contemporary, Asian, Tuscan, mid-century modern or country style, red will blend in perfectly.

Don’t let the power of red intimidate you.  Get inspired by these pictures of the hottest kitchens around and find the right recipe for your red kitchen.