Reason to relocate to… Swindon!

Swindon may not be the first name on everyone’s lips when deciding to move to a new city in the United Kingdom.

However, throughout the nation there has been much resurgence in many cities and towns.  Development and burgeoning prosperity are increasing the profile and popularity of these areas.

Swindon has recently began to reap some of these benefits and, with this in mind, below are some reasons that has seen individuals and families relocate to the popular city.

Job prospects

By comparing the UK’s average the employed in Swindon has a Gross Value Added (GVA; an economic performance measure) of over £27,500 per person, which is way and above the £20,000 averages in the towns and cities throughout the rest of the country – the fourth highest outside of London. This is something directly related to the cities’ population; with over 40% employees at managerial, professional and skilled level. It is a city full highly qualified positions showcasing the opportunities for a successful career.


There is a concerned and communal effort in Swindon by the local government and community to continue improving the city. Over £1 billion is committed to a long term 30 year goal for the city – focusing on the town centre and leisure facilities throughout the area.


With over 500 new homes to be built in conjunction with the town centre regeneration there will be a property for sale in Swindon to suit all tastes.  An unrivalled choice of flats, apartments and houses already in place will complement the new buildings and showcase Swindon as one of the leading cities for choice of residence.

Eating, drinking and shopping

Home to an ever improving social scene; thanks to the redevelopment expect to see more shops, improved facilities and better choices for nightlife. Plus, with six shopping centres already there is enough choice for most. Swindon’s famous Old Town area provides the best options in terms of independent bars, restaurants, cafés and shops.



For business prospects, commuting and an increased social life Swindon has the added advantage of being in an excellent location. A 45 minute drive from Bristol, Reading and Cheltenham, and a 1 hour train journey to London, it provides an unrivalled scope for potential travelling.


76% of the schools are rated as “good” or “outstanding” a high statistic for a city of this size; providing extra confidence in a relocation for any present or future family involved in the move.