Raising The Bar - Home Bar Designs

home barModern Home Bar Design.

Whether it is due to Mad Men or this decade’s devotion to the cocktail, bars have returned to the home.

They also have adapted to fit any style of abode, from the Grand Mansion to the studio apartment, becoming a hallmark of the owner’s personal style.

 home barHome bar designs.

Now you can design your own bar and assemble it by purchasing from a variety of sources. To begin, turn to eBay or Amazon. The online giants open an immense world to you, full of reproductions, antique or vintage fixtures and long bars that come originally from restaurants.

home barHome bar designs.For a more refined selection, try “A Beautiful Bar,” a New York City store that specializes in vintage bar installation for the home. Couple your finds with a set of beautiful glassware. You can choose from a range of styles, including traditional, monogrammed, and sleekly contemporary.

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Troll the stalls at flea markets or pick up a set at CB2, Williams Sonoma, Urban Outfitters or the like. As for liquor, get a little help from some of the contemporary cocktail blogs or “mixology” books that will help you tell top shelf from rail. The best part of hosting at home is not having to drive once you are finished!

home barHome bar designs.

home barHome bar designs.

home bar

For starters, try these sites for home bar design ideas, furniture and accessories.

A Beautiful Bar




William Sonoma