Radiators – Past & Future


When it comes to bathroom design, there tends to be two distinct schools of thought: modern and traditional. Of course, there is the wishy-washy, rather mealymouthed mixtures of the two styles but I always feel they fail in practically all instances.

Now, these principles apply to all manner of items in the home, even down to functional ones such as radiators. However, it is interesting to see how one material or finish can be moulded to fit both looks. If you’re looking for a contemporary radiator, then there are a number of things to look out for. For me, curved radiators are effortlessly modern, and the above model shows how curved rails really make for a great look. So, with chrome being pressed into action above, you’d think it couldn’t possibly be used for the obverse, vintage type of radiator – wrong. As the above picture demonstrates, freestanding traditional towel rails can offer the same sparkling finish without detriment to the classic overall style.