Quick revamps for a winter home


As the temperatures continue to drop outside, it’s more important than ever that we make our homes as warm and comforting as possible. No one wants to return home to a cold and an unwelcoming house when it’s snowing outside and blowing a gale.

Here are some great ideas to add a little extra comfort, without breaking the bank.

Feet first

Our feet are often the first to feel the cold. Take care of them by buying contemporary rugs to scatter throughout your home. When you climb out of bed in the dark, being able to curl your toes into a plush soft rug will take the misery out of your morning.


A rug in the living room can be used in conjunction with your current carpet as a little extra luxury. Bright and patterned colour rugs can be matched to your existing colour scheme.


As well as warmth, rugs can even change the acoustics of a room; on a wooden floor they reduce the echo and sound amplification in a hollow space. Choose a shaggy rug for this purpose.