Pollack Fabrics - Cutting Edge Textiles That Are Both Innovative and Inspirational

Pollack Fabrics - Modern Interior Design Fabrics

For over twenty years, Pollack Fabrics have been innovating leaders in design for their cutting edge textiles.  Founding partners Mark Pollack, Susan and Rick Sullivan took great inspiration from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), where Mark took his formal education.

Pollack Outdoor Fabrics

RISD has a vast collection of historic textiles that Mark Pollack has studied.  A child’s christening gown, or the hem of a royal monarch’s coat are just part of the stock that provides mountains of inspiration to draw from.  In fact, two of their collections have been dedicated to the archives at RISD.

Pollack Fabrics are also well known for their contemporary designs that incorporate motifs seen in everyday life.  Whether it is a bank of clouds, an iron scrolled gate, or the outline of pebbles in sand, the influence of shape and nature is evident.  The hand and texture of their woven fabrics make them an interior designer’s dream for durability, quality, and beauty.  This year, one of their most prolific collections combines the sheen of metallic threads with silks, chenilles, wools, and linen, in addition to their luxurious patterns. 

Mark Pollack is also a leader in color, putting together schemes that are ahead of their time.   Soft golds with coral and brown, shiny ostrich skins in vinyl, and sea greens with taupe, blue, and orange pepper the current collections.  Eyelash fabrics provide backdrops of texture, alongside flowing wool sheers, and ribbon enhanced voiles. 

Found through top interior designers and decorators, the influence of Pollack fabrics is felt throughout the industry, and will continue to be a must-have for home and office design.