Pins Of The Day 03-07-2013

An oversized rug placed underneath your bed, but extending generously beyond the perimeter, gives a plush and cozy appearance. [via]


The lampshade frame perched atop the glass base, is welded from cold rolled steel and covered in handmade paper with feathers and copper flecks suspended throughout. The cord snakes out the side, between the shade and the glass, leaving the glass base empty for you to fill with whatever may inspire you. [via]


Cool blues and greens mingle easily in this room. Layered tones add depth and interest to finishes on furnishings and cabinetry. Using seven colors in the same color family throughout the space creates variations that are subtle, delicate, and deliberate. [via]

How to Make a Coffee Table from Wine Crates [via]


Pallet kitchen island. [via]


Design solutions for shared kids bedrooms. [via]

With renovations by Madrid-based architect Ignacio García de Vinuesa and interior designer Elisa Rodríguez, this home is the perfect compilation of old and new. The design team salvaged original architectural details, from the interior doors to ornate plaster work, while using modern furniture throughout. Final touches include a contemporary art collection and chocolate brown pine floors. [via]