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Pins Of The Day 01-11-2013

Cute girls room that would work for more than just an infant! [via


Salvaged doors with wall sconces. Great tips/ideas on this blog! This is so pretty!! [via]


The Hand crafted wood is available in a number of colorful high gloss lacquer finishes. The ornate carvings are present but toned down by the modern lacquered finish, making this Italian Antique mirror up to date. Any mirror reflects and opens up a room, making it appear larger, so considering this mirror’s size (5’ width x 7.5’ height) It truly makes magic. A huge statement in any room. [via]


Laundry room- 2 sets of washers/dryers. [via]


Rustic window seat. [via]


Oval and round tubs can transform an ordinary bathroom into a grand escape. If oval and round aren’t quite your style, consider selecting an unexpected shape such as trapezoidal or D-shape to make a dramatic statement with modern flair. [via]


Chalkboard art in the home of Anna Maria Odeholms. [via]


Home Coffee Bar [via]


Gorgeous paint technique in bathroom. [via]


Amoroso Design - Lovely, elegant gray dining room design with gray walls paint color, arched doorway, tall gray painted buffet chest, mercury glass vases accents, Romo gray & silver metallic wallpaper accent wall, round black dining table, silver metallic damask Louis chairs, white silk drapes, ivory rug and Sergei chandelier. [via]


Fireplace between the master bedroom and tub. [via]


There is a current design trend that is changing the way we view this colorful hue. In fashion and interiors alike, purple is really hot right now. Style Confessions’ home decor pro and President of August Black Interior Design, Taylor Spellman says, “The key is to choose a richer shade. Pick something preferably in the plum family, and you really can’t go wrong. Many homeowners choose ‘safe’ colors. Don’t overlook the color purple, because it really can be a bold, chic choice.” [via]


Dr Seuss Nursery. [via]


2 shelves and a piece of wood…large scale kids art table with plenty of storage. For the playroom. [via]


Counter above washer and dryer, perfect for folding! [via]


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