Piano of Kettnaker - Modular Shelf System


The line, the details: Piano or pianissimo, reserved and gentle. Or amabile, moderato, vivace: lovely, moderate or vivid.

Piano works like an all-round instrument. Piano realizes personal ideas. PIANO, the music instrument. “Piano!” means holding on: Wait a second! Piano also means floor and level, plan, layer and wing, silent and simple. Piano, pianissimo: The music plays very gently. PIANO, the plan. Piano, the furniture program. Very simply, level by level, board by board the shelf sytem gets taller. Simple surfaces, layer by layer. The horizontal line is emphasized. As color accent or just single-colored. The boards can float like wings, they can carry big or small sliding doors, create room and storage. The shape is clear, the application spectrum is very ample. Spacious shelf sculptures as well as individual media centers, slim wall-hung elements and airy display areas. The stylistic possibilities are surprisingly manifold.

Check out the Bookworm Shelf by Kartell for more ideas.

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