Pear Vanilla Cocktail

Pear Vanilla Cocktail Recipe Via




♦ 1 ounce of vanilla vodka
♦ 1 ounce of pear vodka
♦ Club soda (to fill glass) 
♦ 1/2 small Bosc pear
♦ Sanding sugar (for garnish) 
♦ Nutmeg, fresh 
♦ Ice, shaved 



  1. Process ice into a shaved-ice texture using a mixer (e.g., a food processor or a Vitamix).
  2. Use a pear slice to moisten glass rim. Pour sanding sugar and freshly grated nutmeg onto a plate. Press the moistened rim into the sugar to coat it.
  3. Add the shaved ice to the glass. Pour vodkas and club soda to fill. Slice pear rounds and position in glass. Stir.