Paola Navone's Gervasoni Sweet Collection by Argentine Designer Martin Churba

Gervasoni Sweet Furniture Collection

Martin ChurbaSome parts of the country are already starting to get cold, and we’re pulling out the turtlenecks and coats.  Since we’re dressing warmer, it may sound logical to dress your furniture a little warmer, too.  Paola Navone has done just that with its knitted “pouf” in the Gervasoni Sweet Collection.  Designed by Martin Churba, an Argentinean fashion designer, this lovely little piece looks like it wants to settle in for a cold winter’s night. 

All the pieces in the Sweet Collection can stand alone, but are designed to work together.   From the eclectic wicker chair to the slip covered upholstery, all the pieces are inspired by the different exotic “worlds” that Paola Navone has visited.  Collaborating with designers from various countries, the collection takes note of traditional methods and adding a modern element of design to them.  Traditional materials such as wood, stone, pressed bamboo, rubber, and rattan are brought together to create an exciting mix of color and texture in contrast to their typical applications. 

The Gervasoni Sweet Collection gives nod to fashion with its play of proportions, draping, accessorizing and eclectic imagination.  It challenges the “wearer” to add their own personal touch, such as combining pieces with those they may already own in their “closet”.  Layering pillows, artwork, or lighting like you would jewelry on an outfit is encouraged.  This collection of furniture is truly a unique and enjoyable experience. 

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