Pamper Your Sense of Smell with Scented Candles


The past decade has seen an explosion of scent for the home in the form of candles, atomizers, solid perfume and even the omnipresent Glade plug in. When chosen with distinction, taste and care, a subtle scent in your family room, den or kitchen can add a personalized yet relaxed touch of style to the home.

Diptyque Candle

In order to choose, we encourage you to sample. Head to any department or beauty store to review the glowing candles and scented sticks prior to buying. In addition, try to sample a single scent repeatedly to see if you enjoy its perfume for longer than a moment.

Williams and Sonoma scented Easter candles.

There are a number of beautiful choices available. France’s Diptyque candles have made headlines since their launch in the United States, and the company now has a couple of stand alone shops in New York City as well as kiosks in all the major department stores.

Diptyque candlesNewly established but collecting a cult following, perfume company Le Labo has released a series of candles that are available online and in select shops.

Diptyque scented candle.For something a little more industrial and everyday, try William Sonoma’s line of candles. Meant for the kitchen, their perfumes are fresh and inviting.

Tocca scented candle.Tocca Candles are richly indulgent and the perfect accompaniment to a bubble bath.

If you plan on giving a scented candle as a gift, choose wisely. Home scent is so personal it borders on intimate. Let the recipient know where you purchased it to allow him or her to exchange the gift for a more appropriate “flavor.”