Pacific Green Palmwood Furniture Fuels the Imagination

Sometimes a house, a room or a piece of furniture will grab attention and leave a lasting impression.

Many find this happens when they first see the Palmwood furniture collection from Pacific Green, a company whose factory is in Sigatoka, Fiji. The compelling designs capture the imagination and transport the viewer away to the exotic places, with visions of life among indigenous peoples and lost civilizations. Words cannot do justice to these gorgeous hand finished pieces of furniture. See for yourself.

The Luxor Chaise

The Luxor Armchair

The Navajo Dining Set


Now that you know what Pacific Green’s furniture looks like, want to what makes it even more beautiful? There’s a reason the company is called Pacific Green. It uses only palmwood from abandoned plantations first established in the 1900s to provide coconut palm trees to produce copra. The company found a way to use the trees to produce Palmwood that equals the qualities of hardwoods—the perfect green alternative that means less destruction of the world’s forests. Not only are the raw materials sustainable, but their manufacturing process is entirely environmentally friendly. Even the packaging used is recyclable. And as if to add an exclamation point to their green philosophy, the leftover sawdust is used as a fertilizer.

Born in the South Pacific, this maker of sustainable contemporary furniture maintains its roots. Pacific Green takes great pride in using local labor at fair wages. It now offers “a complete Palmwood lifestyle concept, from furniture and homewares to architectural materials like columns, flooring, panels and cladding.”

One last look—the name of this piece is not readily available, but we just had to include it as the seating perfectly exemplifies the designs created by Pacific Green—fascinating and compelling.


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