Outdoor Water Features and Modern Garden Fountains

Creating a Modern Outdoor Living Space Part 2: Outdoor Water Features and Garden Fountains

Bring a tranquil touch to your garden with a water feature.  The sound of tinkling water soothes the weariest of souls.  Water features come in all sizes, so no matter how small a space you are working with you can find a perfect spot for one.  Whether you are striving to create a fun, whimsical feeling, a Zen quality or a formal elegance, there is a water feature that will help you accomplish your goal. 

Beautiful rain chains attach to your gutters and act as an alternative to boring downspouts. Originated centuries ago in Japan, rainwater dances down these decorative chains to the ground.  In the winter the water freezes to the chain, creating a beautiful ice sculpture.  Rain chains works beautifully in even the smallest spaces, like on the deck of an apartment. Copper rain chains, like the one pictured here, will develop a lovely patina over time.

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