Origami Sofa-Bed

Origami Modern Sleeper Sofa-Bed

Origami Modern Sleeper Sofa-BedThe Origami Sofa-Bed is an ultra modern sofa-bed designed by Andrea Lucatello for Catelan Italia. With a design inspired by origami, the Japanese art of folding paper into shapes, it has a feeling of lightness. If such a substantial piece of furniture could be said to have an ethereal quality about it, this sofa does. It would fit so perfectly into an urban loft or a modern home interior. 

Origami Modern Sleeper Sofa-BedManufactured in Italy and designed by Andrea Lucatello for Cattelan Italia, the Origami converts easily to a bed for overnight guests.

The company says this beautiful sofa features its signature origami-inspired geometrical stitching and profile, which is visible from any angle, be it its front or sides. And there’s more. Think creamy soft Italian leather in 18 colors from pure white of mysterious black.

Origami Modern Sleeper Sofa-BedFor a perfect pairing, see the Target Bookcase by Cattelan Italia. It’s so light and airy, reflecting the feel of the Origami Sofa’s graceful design.

Target Bookcase by Cattelan Italia

Origami Sofa-Bed

Target Bookcase Floating Bookcase