Onde Collection of Contemporary-Luxury Bathrooms by Branchetti

Check out the Onde Collection of Luxury-modern bathrooms by Branchetti
The Branchetti family personifies the vitality on which the “Made in Italy” concept is based Craftsman’s care combines with industrial know-how.
Branchetti’s designer collections are the result of research that transforms the bathroom into a unique and personal place of well-being. Shapes, cladding materials and colour schemes interpret an intimate environment and create different atmospheres to suit the customers’ infinitely varied tastes. The purpose is to combine a flair for style with the need for functionality, to design comfortable settings through a synergy of elements. Thus the furnishing lines interact with customary gestures in a harmonious everyday choreography.
Furnishing is a personal thing. A modern enterprise must know how to fire the customers’ imagination, create new ways of using space.
The wealth of different combinations available is a question of style for Branchetti. Every product has its own character, an attitude, an individual balance between loyalty to the present and the temptation to try something new. Room settings can be customized with an infinite number of solutions. This is because each piece of furniture can be created in a totally modular way, with 120 different colours to choose from plus the addition of sinks and accessories. For instance, the Tante Ante collection
allows any image to become part of the furnishing scheme: a subjective blend of nuances and tonalities able to achieve understated or shockingly eye-catching effects to suit individual tastes.